Ashish Palankar
October 17, 2022
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Trash – Smart Waste Segregator

Team Trash
Waste management is an essential part of today’s society. Due to our ever growing population, we generate more waste as days pass by. Moreover, the increasing amount of waste is affecting the lives and health of many people.
For instance, people living in slums are very close to the waste disposal area. They are prone to various diseases. Hence, risking not only their lives but also the lives of many others.
In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper hygiene and sanitation are a necessity. Consequently, it is only possible with proper waste management.
Problems we are trying to solve
• Difficulty for workers to segregate different types of waste materials.
• Health issues to the workers due to improper interaction.
• Overflowing of garbage bins.
• Consumption of waste by animals.
• And many others.
Our product Smart bin is the solution for these problems which segregates different types of waste materials and alerts when it is full.
Our mission is to reduce human interaction with waste, segregation of different waste materials and recycling them and at the same time raising awareness among people for an eco-friendly environment.
Business Plan
We are plan to partner up with places with large amount of human traffic such as airports, malls, metros, hotels where cleanliness has to be maintained at a regular basis. Our key metrics are our daily and monthly active users. Most of our revenue will be from renting our product and advertisements.
The cost of our product divides into many categories such as Manufacturing costs, Logistics, Marketing and Advertisement, Research and development and other services….
We will be using the data collected by our product to better improve our logistics.
The main channels we are focusing to communicate with and to reach our customer segments are the Residential, commercial and Industrial channels.