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Posted on November 4, 2022

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Challenge Description


This is a pilot challenge to find creative space architecture representations and system decomposition using SysML elements for a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) library. This challenge was originally for NASA mission architects who needed a library of SysML elements for common physical and functional elements that are consistent across NASA. This contest is open to individuals as well as university students to create a habitat-related architecture library of model elements.

Watch the original challenge video from NASA.


Decompose habitat physical and functional architecture in a model, organized as a library of elements, rather than as a habitat design project Create elements that contain all the required attributes in a way that allows easy analysis of an architecture made of these elements through roll-up analysis or parametric diagrams -Create elements use graphics that communicate the element easily in relatively small file size -Create many elements for the library, especially those that can be used in other types of projects Background: Mission architects mostly start from scratch to build model elements representing the functional and physical architecture of a system in SysML. There are a few beginning libraries, but these are also local to a program or group. A common library will save system engineers a large amount of time and will allow project stakeholders to recognize common graphics and quickly understand the architecture options.

The host will retain the rights to the materials generated from the winners, but the submitters have the right to create derivative works and/or use them as a part of their portfolio.

Goals & Judging Criteria:

Create a library of blocks of a subsystem or all of the habitat’s physical architecture and elements to represent the functions that support functional decomposition.

-Clear library organization/navigation

-Consistent definition of element attributes (that will support roll-ups, Technical Performance Measure (TPM) analysis)

-Ability to create functional architecture and Concept of Operations flows (examples are valued)

-Ability to easily link and display functions the physical elements will perform (examples are valued) -Number of total library elements Required:

-Preferred delivery in a MagicDraw model, organized in packages, but open to other tools

-“Table of contents” or dashboard for easy navigation of the library (e.g. content or package diagram, or your own GUI)

-Physical element attributes (where appropriate): owner(actor), mass, power, cost,

-Optional attributes: Technology Readiness Level (TRL), heritage, source, reliability, pressure, temperature

Challenge terms and conditions

Per the terms and conditions on our platform.

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