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Posted on September 15, 2022

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Challenge Description

Assist 2 Develop Challenge: CAD Mechanism


Assist 2 Develop Challenge: CAD Mechanism Video

You have a minimum of two components, A & B, that rotate relative to each other.

You need to design a mechanism that makes it possible for component A (red) to passively lock into place relative to component B (gray) when rotated in 90 deg increments (i.e. passively locks in four equally spaced rotational positions). The passive lock should be easily overcome (rotated) by a human operator. Tip: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you may use products around you or the internet as inspiration. Reverse engineering is allowed. You may use different colors and geometries in your solution, you do not have to use the same exact red and gray disks above, they’re simply used to illustrate the challenge.

The CAD design can be composed of parts designed from scratch and/or downloaded hardware from a website like McMaster-Carr.


Determine if the participant can translate written requirements into a working mechanism on CAD with motion.

In addition to submitting a CAD file, kindly explain how your mechanism is a viable solution. Concisely explain your thought process/logic in less than 2 paragraphs. You may use 1-3 images.

Estimated time to solve: 2-4 hours.

Challenge terms and conditions

The top three participants to receive cash prizes:


1st place: $350

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $50


Top submissions will also have the chance to interview with top employers.

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Press release button with turn function and return spring
90 degree as wished , when released locked in 0/90/180/270 position
when engaged and turned then in non the above and via versia.

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Hamza Pervaiz Alam

Inventor, Designer, Project Engineer


So my solution is it to parts have an annular snap fir joint which facilitates a rotational joint. As for the 90 Degree snap motion, I have worked to design a simple 4-lobbed male and female part with spacing to facilitate locking points, and if force is applied the lobes interfere with each other as opposing torque is applied to the two parts. Once 90 Degrees turn is complete, the interference zone ends, and the parts snap into the free space. The parts are designed to be 3D printed, in my Prusa, so that is the manufacturing process kept in mind when designing the parts. A little lubricant like petroleum jelly can help a slide when the lobes interact.

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Hi I’m Prasoon,

Here I submit a simple proposal which uses a wedge mechanism & spring lock.

Hope this will suffice all the requirements.


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Cherif Bali

Professional SOLIDWORKS | Electronics Engineer


this is my simple proposed mechanism, a sliding ball pushed by the string assembled in a cylindric hole in part B, the sliding is locked in one direction and the sliding ball is locked every 90° but still easy to overcome by just rotating,

Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

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