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HI! I´m Martín, from Argentina, I have studied in a Technical School at 2021. I´m 19 years old.

A long time ago i love to create things and see how they work. I love mechanisms, how every part into the systems works together to make sense. 

4 years ago i started learn SolidWorks design, now i have de CSWP, Certified SolidWorks Professional in Mechanical Design and want to keep earning knowledge!

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  • Global CAD Mechanism Challenge

    September 15, 2022
    Score - 6.25 "Requirements understood Good explanation Low profile Could be difficult to assemble High part count Hardware required" " + Well thought-out design/explanation + Requirements understood - Difficult to assemble - Parts heavy thick + COTS hardware - Torque control required for main shaft/screw" Decent design for the concept. Meets the requirements but the small spring and ball assembly will be difficult as well as the serviceability of the components. "- Martin understood the assignment well as well as the requirements - This mechanism is simple and a clever approach to the design - Easily machineable, secure - His explanation was good, I like how he discussed his thought process on the design - very useful! - His images were a little lacking overall - there was no way to tell that the mating piece for the ball had areas for the ball to sit every 90° without opening up CAD - The presented materials should clearly indicate how the parts come together and how the mechanism works - not to rely on CAD - The way to secure the two pieces together via a fastener could be tightened too much, and cause difficulty in rotating the pieces - A way to re-design this would be to have a partially threaded fastener such that there is slight clearance to allow for the parts to rotate - Overall, a great job, some minor presentation and useability items that knocked him down a bit"


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    March 2015 - February 2022