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Krishna Prasanth T Mechatronics Engineer
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3D CAD DesignCAD ConversionDesign for ManufacturingIndustrial DesignProduct Innovation

An undergraduate engineering student with a strong desire to learn new technologies. Intrigued by the field of Computer-Aided Graphics, Electronics, Robotics and Automation, Robot Operating System and Programming.

Knowledgeable in Mechanical Design, Sheet Metal, Weldment, Additive Manufacturing, Drafting, Surface Modelling and more. Expertise in controlling and programming Industrial Robots by working with KUKA KR-16 (Intermediate level) and Mitsubishi’s MELFA RV-4FL-D.

Design and Analysis module of Team YALEE, an off-road e-vehicle building team. Also, have a basic understanding of Arduino and Python programming language. Have a strong desire to know more about Indian railways and rocket science. Interested in graphic design and video editing. Done an internship at Solinas Integrity Pvt. Ltd. which is associated with IIT Madras providing solutions to eradicate manual scavenging of septic tanks and pipelines.

Work History (1)

  • Global CAD Mechanism Challenge

    September 15, 2022
    Score - 6.5 Krishna understood the assignment well and the requirements for the mechanism - The design uses few parts and is pretty simple in design (which is good! The fewer parts there are, the less that can break!) - The red part is easily manufacturable - The gray part looks a little difficult to manufacture using traditional methods such as subtractive manufacturing due to the ramp - It looks like the flexible ball slider is a custom piece - If so, that would be pretty difficult to manufacture, and would likely require a casting process in metal to ensure the needed ductility - Currently, the central screw holding the two parts together has no clear way to set a distance from one another - This could cause no connection between the ramp and the ball, or too much flexion in the ball causing undue stresses - His explanation and presentation however were very easy to understand and follow - Overall, a great job by Krishna on this design, albeit some of the design decisions were fuzzy" -Good start with this design. The flexible tab would likely need to be patterned to have some strength in locking the mechanism in place. The base piece would need post-machining after molding. " + Well thought-out design/explanation + Requirements understood - Nothing holding the assembly together - Parts heavy thick + Adjustable/tweakable inner snap" "Requirements understood Good explanation Parts bulky Parts could bind Hardware required"