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I’m a little upset that you have NO mention of my country, so I have had to put the next best possible alternative, which is Canada, I guess because I am in the process of applying for my immigration there, otherwise, I am a Pakistani born, raised and currently residing in Bahrain (funny you have India as a country but not Pakistan….?!)

Anyoo, came across your website, via the challenge posted by Rafael Testai on linked-In.

I  have been a tinkering engineer since childhood, with the immense support of my parents I continued this through my hobbies and passions, leading up to my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have always enjoyed building things, and I am deeply passionate about sustainability, therefore my thesis both for my Bsc and Msc surround this topic (Solar Air Conditioning, Circular Business Models for Power & Water Plants in the Middle East).

I have worked as the founding member of a startup for two years (Private label business), where I learned business skills, managing people and just trying to learn how to afloat as a new entrepreneur. I moved on to a role in the compressed air field  (industrial use), where I was responsible for design, sales & execution for co,pressed air stations & piping networks for industrial clients in the middle east region. I then moved on to my current role as a project engineer at a thermal power and desalination plant, in the engineering department, where I also have completed my master’s degree part-time in Engineering Management.  I am responsible for Optimization, modification & root cause analysis projects whilst also overseeing compliance. All my projects need to be both technically viable in terms of design and execution, whilst also being fiscally acceptable, which means, I am responsible for recognizing problems, finding viable solutions, setting up business models for them and then presenting the complete technical & business proposal for the project.

My master’s was well timed to support my work; as it spanned

I have enjoyed positive feedback, throughout my career, with leadership satisfied with my performance, however, I have not been so satisfied myself. After having hired a career coach, I have been able to determine that my true calling is in the field of enjoying design; of mechanisms, systems, bringing ideas to  life; being able to truly design systems infusing them with concept of sustainability. Hence, I would like to become a design engineer, where I can bring much value to the projects I work on and to my own life. My experiences in the field and in personal life, designing solutions in a variety of field can be leveraged, with lots more for me to learn, and advance in.

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  • Global CAD Mechanism Challenge

    September 15, 2022
    Score - 5.25 "Requirements understood Good explanation Low part count The fit would be loose Would be difficult to turn No hardware needed" " + Requirements understood - Parts heavy thick - Nothing holding the assembly together - Inner boss would need to collapse to turn - Fit would be sloppy/loose" The design is incomplete as the parts can come apart axially. The two pieces will snap and index on each other. "- He understood the assignment well as well as the requirements - His explanation was quite sound and helped me better understand his mechanism - The images he provided were helpful in his explanation - These parts can be manufacturable on the 3d printer, and even a CNC or lathe given the ability to perform some undercuts - The notch on the female part's central shaft that holds the part into the male part - This may be pretty difficult or impossible to install into the male part, as it appears that it is locking - A way to redesign this could be by treating the notch as a third part, or implementing a bearing w/ a press fit - The design itself requires pretty tight tolerances in order for the user to rotate the part - If made from a strong material, such as steel, the female part would need to be considerably thinned out - Depending on the lobe shape of the male and female parts, the slope at each 90° increment could be pretty large. This is not a requirement however - For the 2-4 hour time, I think Hamza did a great job. I wouldn't expect tolerancing to come into play for this length of the project"