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  • Global CAD Mechanism Challenge

    September 15, 2022
    Score - 5.25 "Requirements understood Robust design Could be difficult to manufacture" " + Requirements understood - Difficult to understand the concept - No CAD data to review - Complex + Assembly threads hold together" The design is complete but difficult to rate as there is no cad data to explore. "- He clearly understood the assignment and requirements for the mechanism - Overall, his parts look manufacturable from what I could see in the images - The part looks able to be rotated every 90 degrees and can be done by hand - Cycle count does not seem to be an issue here as well - The explanation of how the parts work is a little confusing - I think I know how they work, but am not sure - His paragraph explanation was confusing as well, although I am not to dock him on that since English may not be his native language - Overall, I think he did a good job. - What he could improve in is his explanation and presentation of ideas. A gif/video/or more images would have been helpful in conveying his ideas"